You Need These 4 Ethical Fashion Brands In Your Life!


Current Crush:  the Ecuador Huarache Sandal .  *This is an affiliate link.

Current Crush: the Ecuador Huarache Sandal.

*This is an affiliate link.

Who They Are:

Intentionally designed. Ethically made. Fairly priced. That’s how Nisolo describes themselves. Known for their quality-constructed leather shoes and accessories, Nisolo has quickly become one of my favorite brands to support. Transparency, along with action, is so important, and you can find their complete Impact Report here.

What I Love:

Comfort + style? Yes, please! Their shoes quickly break in and seem to mold into exactly what my foot needs. They work with local artisans in Peru to design and make their products, and for every purchase, Nisolo makes a contribution to conserve forests in the Amazon Basin.


Sseko Designs

Those sandals!! You can find a similar  Slide Sandal  here.

Those sandals!! You can find a similar Slide Sandal here.

Who They Are:

Where do I begin? Sseko is doing important work- they provide the opportunity for women in East Africa to work full time with fair living wages and then to go on to university on scholarship, all while receiving necessary life skills training. They’ve now enabled 113 women to go on to university, where many will pursue higher education and all will positively impact the world. Research shows when you invest in women, the payoff for a community is tenfold.

What I Love:

I love how spunky and FUN this brand is! Liz, the founder & CEO, is such a boss babe and I love her passion. A company that empowers women and seeks to break the cycle of poverty in East Africa would be enough reason to support it on its own, but then…the designs! It’s always a good day when I’m wearing my Sseko slide sandals or carrying my cross-body clutch. They also make apparel and jewelry, and their designs satisfy all different tastes.



Cotton V-Neck Tee  and  Mid-rise Skinny Jean , in neutrals like I like ‘em.

Cotton V-Neck Tee and Mid-rise Skinny Jean, in neutrals like I like ‘em.

Who They Are:

Everlane talks a lot about radical transparency, and then they walk the walk. I’ve followed them on social media for years, and it’s common to get thorough explanations, photos, and videos about their factories. They also break down the cost of producing specific items and really give the consumer a behind-the-scenes look.

What I Love:

Especially now that they’ve added denim, Everlane has all the basics. When transitioning to ethical fashion, this is where I started. I’ve found a lot of the women’s line doesn’t fit my body shape well, but I still love my tees and jeans that I’ve had for a few years now. I also love Transparency Tuesday, something you can find on their Instagram stories each Tuesday that answers consumers’ questions and gives an honest look at what’s going on in their company.



Ethical fashion brand with comfortable style: Pact

Who They Are:

Pact is doing it the right way! They only source Certified Organic Cotton and are Fair Trade Certified. They believe in crafting clothing differently: Sustainable materials, kindness towards humans and the softest clothing you’ll want on every layer.

What I Love:

Everything I own from Pact is buttery soft and #MomCapsule approved. To be honest, I wear the leggings and stretch-fit tank for most occasions: Bedtime? Yep. Work? Yep. Playdates? Yep. Exercise? Yep. Church? YEP. Folks, these are a gift that keep on giving. Plus Pact is basically local to me, being just a few miles down the road in Boulder, Colorado.


I’m always looking for new brands to love and support, so if there’s a brand you’re passionate about, please share in the comments! Even though it feels like my impact is small, together we can make a change. All of our small choices can add up to honor the people who make our clothes and the environment in which we live.