5 Steps to Curating a Capsule Wardrobe Step 5

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Hello, gorgeous! If you’re new here, first check out these posts: Overview, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4. It’ll all make more sense!

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Step 5-Rock Your New Looks

You made it! If you’re reading this, can I just tell you how excited and proud I am that you’ve made it this far? I’m sure it’s been a lot of work, as it definitely was for me when I did a closet overhaul about 4 years ago, but it will immediately simplify your life.

The last step is really about using your new capsule wardrobe to dress in a way that makes you feel happy and complete. Whether it’s a monochromatic or colorful capsule, a capsule full of yoga pants or professional pants, I really hope you feel so good about your smaller, curated closet.

As if your simplified closet in itself doesn’t spark enough joy, I have just a few more tips to up the joy factor.

Capsule Wardrobe clothing in organized closet that sparks joy

Organize your clothes so they spark joy.

I arrange my hanging clothes longest piece (dresses, long cardigans) to shortest piece (tees and tanks) and like to vary the colors. You could also hang by color scheme or outfit use.

Capsule Wardrobe clothing in organized closet with ethical brands & clothing

If possible, leave space between hangers.

Don’t you think hangers want to breathe, too? :)

While you’re at it, consider leaving a shelf above or below empty, or find some space (wall?) to leave empty.

Capsule Wardrobe; closet organization; ethical clothing & brands

Find matching hangers, or add a decorative touch.

I recently invested in wooden hangers, but before that I tried to make my hangers match. We had all different colors, so I assigned each color to a category: black was jackets and coats, white was for my clothes, navy was for my husband’s clothes.

One last piece of advice: it will be tempting to go out and buy new clothes. (This is the hardest part for me!) I keep a wishlist on my phone’s notepad, so I can 1. Add to it as I think of something I really want or need and 2. Use it as motivation not to buy something when tempted, unless it’s on my list and is on sale.

This is my not-so fancy but totally real wishlist for future purchases. Keep it simple!

This is my not-so fancy but totally real wishlist for future purchases. Keep it simple!


Each new season, your capsule may change slightly. Everyone’s is different, but mine has many pieces that last every season and a handful of pieces I’ll rotate out. Usually, I start thinking about the next season’s capsule an entire season early because that’s the best time for sales. That means I’ve already planned out summer and am starting to think about the Fall! Crazy, right? But the more intentional I am, the better deal I can get, and it’s easier to justify adding a couple pieces each season.

That’s it, friends! I’m so glad you decided to create a capsule wardrobe. Would you share with me, either in the comments here or DM me on Instagram, and let me know how you’re feeling? I love hearing transformation stories! :)