5 Steps to Curating a Capsule Wardrobe: Step 3

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Are you ready to get creative in building your capsule wardrobe? This is where the fun comes in! But first, check out these posts if you’re new here: The Why, Step 1, Step 2. It’ll all make more sense!

Capsule Wardrobe Definition

Step 3-Choose a Palette

Before I show pictures, I have one disclaimer: I love neutrals and most would say my closet is super boring. It’s perfectly me and I totally own it, but you should know that your capsule wardrobe can be as bright and bold as you are! This is where your personality gets to shine!

If you want to see someone who does color well in her capsule, check out Audrey from Putting Me Together or Erin from Cotton Stem. Although I created my capsule wardrobe before finding these ladies, I think they’re great inspiration for colorful closets.

The point of this step isn’t to start buying new clothes or creating outfits, it’s really about making observations in your closet and about your personal style, and thinking through a palette. Once you’ve run through the following questions once, then you can start pulling out pieces that satisfy your answers. Originally, I planned to create a worksheet to help aid in this process, but I found this one already created and it’s awesome! If you want more guidance and even an example of a planned capsule, check out Un-fancy’s guide.

Below, I give you a detailed look into my capsule wardrobe. However, this is really about creating a capsule you love, so keep that in mind when answering the questions! It should be about you. :) When choosing your palette, consider these things:

What is your base color-navy, black, or brown?

Ethical clothing style; neutrals

My base is black with gray just off in the distance. Although I have 2 navy dresses I love, I’ll tell ya-they are not versatile. I keep these solely because I love them on their own, but moving forward I wouldn’t buy navy again.

I try to have all the basics in my base color: jumpsuit, LBD, cardigan, tee, tank, pants, & leggings.


What are your coordinating colors?

Ethical fashion in capsule wardrobe; coordinating colors

I really only have one true coordinating color, and it’s olive green. However, 1-3 coordinating colors are perfectly fine! Choose coordinating colors based on outfits you always grab. What colors make you feel good?

You’ll notice below that I have plenty of whites, beiges, and grays to lighten things up as well; I don’t consider neutral colors to be a coordinating color.


How can you use prints, stripes, or polka dots to add interest?

Ethical brands; striped classic style

True to my simple nature, I go classic with black and white stripes. Someday I’d love to take a style risk and add a few prints in, but for the most part, stripes create interest for me.

That said, this is an area I’m actively working to improve so you could see changes in the near future. :)

Think about the prints that flatter you most and that you always grab first. Floral? Plaid?


What outer layers do you love that could last through seasons?

Ethical clothing & brands; outer layers

For me, it’s my olive green utility jacket (which I have on a wishlist to replace soon because the particular silhouette of this one doesn’t work for me), a chambray oversized shirt, and several cardigans with different arm-lengths.

Also on my wishlist is a denim jacket like this one from Able.

Think about your climate and how often you actually need outer layers. What would you grab first on a chilly summer evening out?


My summer capsule wardrobe, minus pants/shorts which are all stored in a drawer.

My summer capsule wardrobe, minus pants/shorts which are all stored in a drawer.


Once you’ve considered each question, then you can start grabbing pieces from your closet that satisfy your answers. I recommend creating two sections in your closet: one for pieces that you’ll definitely use in the capsule wardrobe, and one for pieces you like but may let go of at the end of this process. You’ll have time later to decide if those pieces should make it as part of your final capsule wardrobe.

That’s it for this week’s homework: choose your palette and make two sections in your closet-one for capsule clothes and one for ‘maybe’ capsule clothes! If you decide to make any purchases, here are some of my favorite ethical brands who I love supporting. I'll be back next week to share step #4.



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