5 Steps to Curating a Capsule Wardrobe: Step 2

Capsule Wardrobe Series

Now that you’ve found your pinspiration, let’s move on to Step 2.

If you’re just joining, it may be helpful to read the Capsule Wardrobe overview, as well as Step 1 before continuing.

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Step 2-Ruthlessly Declutter

You know this is my favorite part-declutter! You will instantly feel lighter and my guess is you’ll never regret it. It’s pretty straight forward, but I have one piece of advice.

Gather up all your clothes from all the closets and all the drawers and all the hiding places. (Yes, even the box of ‘occasion’ clothes that’s hiding under the bed.)

Don’t miss that step. It’s important that you found all your clothes! Now, for the fun part.

purge & declutter-keep pile


purge & declutter-donate pile


purge & declutter-discard pile


But wait, aren’t these piles all the same? Ok yes, they are. Here’s the truth. I did this several years ago and don’t have any pictures, but we recently went through and donated a few more items so these are it! I wanted you to have a visual of this step though!

The Process:

  • Establish a large area and create 3 separate piles: keep, donate, and discard

  • Hold each item of clothing (yes, even the 10th pair of leggings)

  • Ask yourself, “Is this the best, my favorite, or necessary?

  • If yes, then it goes in keep. If not, determine the quality and value it may have, and either discard or donate it.

This week’s homework is the hardest of the 5 steps, for sure. You were made to do hard things, though. You can totally do this! Once you’ve donated and discarded, you will feel instantly lighter.

A note about donating and discarding: fashion is a huge source of waste in our landfill and only 1% of clothing is actually able to be recycled and reused. Consider donating as much as possible to your favorite consignment shop, ThredUp, or Goodwill. The Earth thanks you. :)

Well, there you have it. The hardest of the 5 steps that I’m sure you will rock! I'll be back next week to share step #3, but if you have questions or need encouragement, leave me a comment or DM me on Instagram and I’ll be there for you!



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