3 Mistakes You Make Going Into Target

I’m not here to suggest my consuming habits are perfect or to judge yours. I still have growing to do, for sure! I love Target as much as the next person and sometimes, I just need to wander around the store and soak up all the aesthetic goodness. I totally get it.

So what’s this post all about? Well, I’ve been practicing mindfulness when it comes to what and how much I consume, and here’s where I can help: There are habits I’ve had in the past that result in me spending way too much time, money, and energy buying things I don’t need/regret/ultimately end up returning.

I’m sharing a few of the mistakes I’ve made and how I’ve learned to redirect my thinking. Hopefully it can help you, too! Although I’m referencing Target, you can fill the blank with any retailer that you spend a lot of time/money/energy on. These tips still apply.

Mistake #1-Not having a clear intention going in

Always, always have a list in your hand. (IF that’s your intention. Maybe your intention is to get the kids out of the house but it’s raining. You do you, boo!) I use Google Keep (the app) because 1) it’s free, 2) it’s on my phone and 3) it’s digitally shared with my hubby so both of us can update the list and see changes in real-time. Here’s my typical intention: “I’m going into Target to get the items on my list.” It’s that simple!

Did you know on average, you’re making 35,000 decisions every.single.day? I try to automate as many decisions as I can so that when it comes to making a harder decision, my mind has clarity and patience to make it. If you have a shopping list, you’ve automated the decisions. Is it on the list? If yes, then get it! If no, well…you understand. :) Making a list goes a long way in helping you be more decisive and intentional.

Mistake #2-Not using my willpower to overcome temptation

Even with a clear intention, sometimes things get put in my cart that I know don’t belong there. (How DARE they!) Here’s my trick: memorize a mantra and repeat it over and over in your mind when you’re trying to resist temptation. I use mantras for a lot of different things, and it seriously helps train my mind! We all have voices in our head, so let’s use them to our advantage!

Some of my go-to shopping mantras-

  • Is it a favorite, the best, or necessary?

  • Buy less, choose well.

Feel free to borrow one of mine if you don’t have one. ;) If you haven’t used mantras before, it’s simple. You just repeat a simple statement over and over again in your head until you believe it. (Works wonders during childbirth!)

Mistake #3-Not being intentional about the physical route I take

I have to applaud the marketing geniuses or designers who lay out Target. The Dollar Spot? Gets me every time! (By that I mean I walk through it every time, but I rarely buy something unless it’s on the list. Then it’s a super lucky score!)

Be intentional about where you go in Target. My weakness used to be women’s clothes, so you better believe I don’t even go close to that section. Now, I avoid the baby clothes. They are too adorable to resist, even with a strong mantra! I take the same route every time I’m in there because it gets me where I need to go without tempting me to pick up something I’ll regret.

There’s not a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to changing your consumer shopping habits. If you’ve found one-please do tell.

BUT! Your brain is so powerful, and you can definitely train your mind to resist temptation. If you’re still reading, you’ve already taken the first step-you’ve acknowledged you want to change your shopping habits. The next step is easy. Choose one of these 3 action items and commit to doing it next time you’re in Target (or any store for that matter). Once you master one action item, chose another. It takes persistence, but let’s be honest-you’ve done harder things than this before!

You got it. You can do it! Let me know which action item you’re going to try first. Good luck,