Capsule Wardrobe Series: The Why

Capsule Wardrobe How To

Decluttering my closet and curating a capsule wardrobe has literally changed my life.

When I married Matt in 2016 and it became time to share my space for the first time ever, I was in for a bit of a rude-awakening. He laughed at me when I’d wrestle a shirt to get it out of the closet, only to find it was so wrinkled because it had been squished amongst the other 100+ shirts. Oops. I’d stand in the mirror at 7:05 am when I was supposed to be to work by 7:15, lamenting about not having any thing to wear, meanwhile aggressively ripping one shirt off and throwing on another. The pile on my queen bed (made into a twin by my noxious habit of trying on 10 outfits each morning) continued to grow until it became so intolerable and unsleepable that I had to make a change.

That’s when I started researching capsule wardrobes. That’s when I learned there was another way. (For me, a better way.)

Capsule Wardrobe Definition

Making the move to a capsule wardrobe has been life-changing for me!

  • Less laundry (It seems counter-intuitive but seriously, I only have to do laundry 1x/2 weeks.)

  • Fewer decisions (Getting ready each morning is something I loathe…it’s so much easier with less choice.)

  • More favorites (Instead of complaining that I have nothing to wear-the byproduct of not really loving your clothes, I actually like my pieces and will be happy if I grab any of them.)

  • More money in the bank (Even though I only purchase higher quality & ethically made clothes, I’m purchasing so much less and in the long run, it saves a ton of money.)

I created my original capsule with items I already had, which was no problem seeings as I had a lot of options to begin with. Basically, I’m saying that if you want to try this, you can do it with only the items you already have! There’s really nothing to lose.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a series titled How To: 5 Steps to Curating a Capsule Wardrobe, and I’ll share the 5 steps I took to completely change my wardrobe and then mindset about what it means to consume and curate and create something I love.



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