Ruthlessly Editing My Life-How It All Began

Three cheers for my first blog post! About 8 years ago, I told a good friend I wanted to start a blog, and his response was, "What in the world would you talk about?" At that time, I really didn't know; I still had(ve) a lot of learning to do about myself.

A few years + moving to a new city + a husband and baby + hours equivalent to days or weeks of reflection and reading and learning and simplifying, I've finally figured it out! But let’s back up a minute.

When I met my husband, Matt, in 2014, I was... well, a bit of a mess. (As in-I hadn't seen the comforter on my bed for months because it was stacked so high with clothes.) I was so intrigued by how content Matt was with very few material goods (most of which were secondhand-thanks to the Jaegers and Browns and Fines!) and a very small, simple wardrobe. Matt opened my eyes to the idea of quality over quantity, and the past 4 years have been about ruthlessly editing my life to possess what I need and what brings me joy. As I always tell my students, editing is a constant work-in-progress, so of course, I have plenty more to learn. *Side note: I'm a teacher by trade and at heart, so the teaching metaphors will not stop. But! IF a past student reads this, please excuse my frequent starting with a conjunction; it just sounds good, and I'm sorry that I ever taught you otherwise.

So, quality over quantity. That was the first lesson that jolted me out of the But it’s only $8.99 on sale at Forever 21! phase. Especially when it comes to my wardrobe, I've chosen to ditch the fast fashion and invest in good quality pieces. I've built a capsule wardrobe that has simplified my life so much, and I'll blog about that in the coming weeks. (It’s worth a pause here to say it’s literally changed this indecisive, always running 10 minutes late teacher’s life.) There's more, though! I once heard someone say when [a person] buys inexpensive clothing, someone else pays the price. Oh, how I have a tender heart for people on the margins. The impact on those who make our clothing, the environment, and animals is high. Who makes our clothes matters. Though I've been researching brands and slowly making changes for a few years, my ultimate goal for this Spring is a capsule wardrobe made of only ethical, sustainable or secondhand clothing. Thankfully, plenty of pieces from my other capsules carry over, which is another benefit of a capsule wardrobe.

Next lesson-how to simplify the home. This was a major overhaul of all my belongings and lifestyle, and even after 4 years I'm still finding ways to simplify! Decluttering, recycling, donating, organizing…it took so many verbs to get this hard work done. I had to be both intentional and ruthless, and I was. To simplify one’s home is to change consuming habits, too. I've edited and revised so many times that Matt is concerned I may be on some company's "Do Not Let This Crazy Lady Return Another Thing" list. The buyers' remorse becomes intense when you decide to make a lifestyle change, and old habits die hard. However, I'm finally getting the hang of it and the little voice in my head who says, 'You don't need that/it doesn't spark joy/think about the impact it's had on others/will this simplify your life?' is stronger than the little voice in my head suggesting I NEED IT.

This is where my new adventure comes in.

*Cue drum roll*

The Case for Simple is my small business that exists to help others tidy their homes, simplify their lives, and find the peace and joy that comes from this very hard work. Life is hardly simple, but I wonder if we overcomplicate it and clutter our lives and minds unnecessarily. This does not come from a place of judgment-remember, My More-Is-More Voice still whispers in my ear-but rather, my hope is to inspire, encourage, and connect with those who, like me, are searching for a different way.

It's hard work to make a big change, even starting with little tiny changes like the One-Minute Rule. (You'll have to follow along to learn more about that. ;)) You can do hard work, friend. But I'll be here to cheer you on and share tips I've learned over the years when you need it! And if you want to hire me-that’s great! I will work beside you and absolutely delight in getting to see your home and life change, too.

I'd love your feedback. What hard work are you doing in your life right now? Have you started the process of simplifying your life and/or home and if so, how’s it going?