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Meet Organizer & Organization Blogger: Kimberly

Meet Kimberly

Life is hardly simple. Like you, my home was overcome with clutter and my mind overwhelmed and anxious. I started to wonder how much physical, mental, and emotional energy I was wasting on my cluttered and disorganized space. So, I set out to simplify my home. I’ve experienced first hand how simplicity makes physical and mental space for the things in life that matter. My hope is to inspire and connect with others who are looking to tidy their home, simplify their lives, and make space for more. More time for extending hospitality and building relationships. More space, physically & mentally, to live a rich, joyful, and uncomplicated life.  But less stuff. I want to bask in calm contentment. I want to be free to experience the simple joys of life. It’s my greatest desire to help others achieve what I’ve found through simplifying-an inspiring, relaxing home that allows my heart, soul, and mind to rest.