Declutter, Organize, & Simplify

People are often overwhelmed by physical and mental clutter.

I help declutter, organize, & create systems in your home to curate a simplified and restorative living space.



What’s The Process?

1. Schedule a free, 20 minute in-person consultation.

2. Allow me to create a customized, step-by-step guide to declutter and organize your home, as well as systems to maintain the order once I leave.

3. I will come to your home to consult and work beside you to execute the plan together.

By simplifying other areas of our lives, we make space for acts of hospitality. We give our brains room for patience, our schedules room for showing gratitude, and our hearts room to care not just for ourselves and our tasks, but for others in big and small ways.
— Emily Ley, A Simplified Life

What Can You Expect?

I will tailor a package allowing you to start on a scale that meets your needs.

I will share tools that make the process easy and fun.

I will identify routines and strategies to preserve your simplified lifestyle.

If you commit to tidying your entire house once, you won't have to do it again.

I was frustrated because there was no system in place to contain the problem. It felt like brushing my teeth while eating an oreo. Kimberly asked lots of reflective questions, and empowered me to make some difficult decisions.
— Client KS


I believe simplicity creates space for rest. Simplicity creates space for relationships, community, and simple joys. Simply put, I believe simplicity and the act of tidying ones’ home can literally change your life. Because I also believe we’re all better together, I would love to consult and work beside you to tidy your home and simplify your life.